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  4. 9(125)'2014
  5. Mathematical model for determining severity of colorectal cancer

Mathematical model for determining severity of colorectal cancer

A.I. Bikh, A.S. Moiseenko, E.V. Visotskya, A.P. Porvan, A.S. Kozuyk
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In modern clinical practice, the value of the mathematical providing of medical researches becomes the major factor of development of curatively-diagnostic technologies. In the article, the mathematical model of determination of severity of colorectal cancer is offered for a man, got as a result of discriminant analysis of clinical instrumental and laboratory indexes. The got mathematical model allows conducting correct differentiation of severity and defining the early stage of development of morbidity on ten informing to the indexes of metabolic markers of metabolism in the serum of blood of patients.
Keywords: discriminant function analysis, colorectal cancer, the territorial map
Bыkh, A.Y., Vыsotskaia, E.V., Porvan, A.P., Koziuk, A.S. and Moyseenko, A.S. (2014), "Matematycheskaia model opredelenyia stepeny tiazhesty kolorektalnoho raka" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(125), pp. 164-168.