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  4. 9(125)'2014
  5. Model management of companies projects cash flows

Model management of companies projects cash flows

S.G. Kiyko, Ye.A. Druzhinin, B.V. Gajdabrus
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The main features of the choice of directions of development of production through projects with the potential to attract additional investment is considered. We describe the tasks of the choice of rational options to attract more investment to the postponement of the work that allows us to implement projects under the suspension of funding from-sensible periods of time by "freezing" of the work, with partial funding of work that ensures the implementation of the project in terms delay funding.
Keywords: cash, projects portfolio, deficit, additional investment
Kyiko, S.H., Druzhynyn, E.A. and Haidabrus, B.V. (2014), "Modely upravlenyia denezhnыmy potokamy proektov predpryiatyia" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(125), pp. 186-192.