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  4. 9(125)'2014
  5. Assessment of ecological systems based on fuzzy sets

Assessment of ecological systems based on fuzzy sets

M.Y. Losev, H.R. Leonova, M.B. Hlaznieva
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In this paper the method of multicriteria assessment of the technical and ecological systems, which are described by the set of indicators. The technique allows to formalize fuzzy information about the connections between objects and thereby reduce the potential errors associated with the loss or excessive coarsening of the original data.
Keywords: air, fuzzy sets, pollutants, technical and ecological system, the risk of contamination of air, the hazard class
Losiev, M.Yu., Leonova, H.R. and Hlaznieva, M.B. (2014), "Otsinka stanu ekolohichnykh system na osnovi nechitkykh mnozhyn" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(125), pp. 223-227.