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  4. 3(128)'2015
  5. Resiliency state modeling of production system

Resiliency state modeling of production system

V.M. Popov
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The paper proposes model of the impact of the state of productive assets on the probability of occurrence and intensity of accidents caused by random failures of various types. The analysis of the regional production system concept of resiliency has been considered depending on the system productive assets and the efficiency of the technological safety system. An approach to the integration of random and phasing failures of elements of the technical system has been proposed. The expressions for the probability of failure-free operation for linear and quadratic form of dynamic dependence of the intensity of failures have been proposed.
Keywords: stability of the system, phasing, the probability of failure, failure of steady flow, the system of technogenic safety
Popov, V.M. (2015), "Modelyrovanye sostoianyia ustoichyvosty proyzvodstvennoi systemы" [Resiliency state modeling of production system], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(128), pp. 147-151.