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  4. 4(129)'2015
  5. Soundproofing of window insulating glass

Soundproofing of window insulating glass

H.V. Kenyo, Yu.R. Liubchyk
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Description: This work represents physical-technical model of the double glass construction with an air gap (insulating glass). By finite difference method the acoustic field of system "air - glass - air" was calculated and the process of propagation sound waves in this system was investigated. Also dependence of soundproofing coefficient of insulated glass with different geometric parameters in the low frequency range frequency was calculated. The influence of geometric parameters of glass and thickness of air gap on the value of soundproofing coefficient was investigated. The rate of growth of the average values of soundproofing coefficient in the first four octave bands was determined.

Keywords: insulating glass, soundproofing coefficient, frequency dependence of soundproofing

 Keno, H.V. and Liubchyk, Yu.R. (2015), “Zvukoizoliatsiia vikonnykh sklopaketiv” [Soundproofing of window insulating glass], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(129), pp. 24-28.