Using new features of Java SE 8

Ю.Е. Парфьонов, В.М. Федорченко
Системи обробки інформації. — 2015. — № 4(129). – С. 45-48.
УДК 00.004.4
Мова статті: англійська
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The paper analyzes new features of Java SE 8, and their using for application development. Discussed date and time representing, lambda-expressions, references to methods, default methods. Considered basic features of the Stream API and their application to work with collections in Java SE 8. Noted new possibilities of JavaFX 8 technology to design, build, test, debug and deploy rich client applications that work consistently for different target platforms.
Ключові слова: platform, JIT compiler, Java Virtual Machine, Java Development Kit, lambda expressions, method references, default methods, collections, JavaFX 8, Date-Time API, FXML, XML, CSS, 3D graphics, multi-touch, immutable-value classes, domain-driven design
Інформація про авторів публікації:
Parfonov, Iu.E. and Fedorchenko, V.M. (2015), Using new features of Java SE 8, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(129), pp. 45-48.