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  4. 4(129)'2015
  5. Integrated control system offshore oil and gas structures

Integrated control system offshore oil and gas structures

Rzaev Hazail Nuraddin ogli
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Description: Permanent and full-scale monitoring allows you to have a quick and comprehensive information about the technical condition of marine engineering structures. The paper describes an automated system of control of state structures offshore oil platforms (АSС). АSС allows to respond to negative changes and to promptly take the necessary measures to prevent, significantly reduce the likelihood or mitigate the effects of emergency events. The paper also pays attention to the complex control of the main parameters of the production facilities.

Keywords: information technology, monitoring, 3Dmodel, oil and gas construction, accident, stress state, design, algorithm

 Rzaiev Khazail Nuraddin ohly, (2015), “Kompleksna systema kontroliu morskykh naftohazovydobuvnykh sporud” [Integrated control system offshore oil and gas structures], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(129), pp. 59-63.