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  4. 4(129)'2015
  5. Аbout noise immunity of fibonacci numbers

Аbout noise immunity of fibonacci numbers

A.A. Borisenko, S.M. Matsenko, S.M. Malchenkov, O.I. Yamnick
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Description: The paper assessed the noise immunity of the Fibonacci numbers, forming together with the forbidden combinations of Fibonacci codes. For this purpose, is determined by the proportion of forbidden and allowed combinations of codes that allows you to compare Fibonacci codes with the rest of fail-safe code, and evaluate their effectiveness for specific applications. Fibonacci codes can be effectively applied in the collection and transmission of information contained in an information noise-proof sensors Fibonacci pulse counters, registers, decoders and other similar devices, as well as the receivers of information computers. The use of Fibonacci numbers in such communication systems with advanced digital processing allows their traceability and thereby increase the accuracy of data collection, storage and transmission of information.

Keywords: noise immunity, Fibonacci numbers, fraction

 Borysenko, A.A., Matsenko, S.M., Malchenkov, S.M. and Yamnyk, O.Y. (2015), “O pomekhoustoichyvosty fybonachchyevыkh chysel” [About noise immunity of Fibonacci numbers], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(129), pp. 84-87.