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  4. 4(129)'2015
  5. To solving the problem of electronic signatures

To solving the problem of electronic signatures

O.A. Borisenko, V.B. Cherednichenko
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Description: Positive developments in recent years in solving problems of digital signature. The article describe a number of problems that do not allow internal and external cross-certification of electronic keys. Directions to overcome them to comply with EU standards. Further improvement and development of the National System of electronic signature requires a comprehensive, mutually solve a wide range of issues.

Keywords: digital signature, cross-certification, cryptographic protection

 Borysenko, O.A. and Cherednychenko, V.B. (2015), “Do rishennia zadach elektronnoho tsyfrovoho pidpysu” [To solving the problem of electronic signatures], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(129), pp. 88-91.