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  5. Using mobile learning in education

Using mobile learning in education

I.A. Zolotaryova, A.N. Trush
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Description: Were discussed approaches of mobile learning using in the education system. It has been shown that such mobile learning what changes occur in all structural components of the educational system and teacher training, namely: vision, goals, training content, training manuals, types and forms of educational activities, what are the didactic function and properties of mobile communication, the conditions for their integration in the educational process.

Keywords: mobile learning, project management system, model integration, mobile platform, mobile devices

 Zolotarova, I.O. and Trush, A.M. (2015), “Zastosuvannia mobilnoho navchannia v systemi osvity” [Using mobile learning in education], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(129), pp. 147-150.