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  4. 4(129)'2015
  5. Integrated assessment of startup projects

Integrated assessment of startup projects

O.D. Zvehintsova, I.O. Zolotaryova, O.V. Shcherbakov
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Description: The article discusses the evaluation of a startup project, namely the need for this assessment, given the existing methods of estimating start-up projects, and offers its own method of estimating startup. When considering the existing methods of evaluation start-up projects, the author draws attention to their shortcomings. This article discusses two most similar set of features a method for evaluating a startup, one of which was chosen as a prototype. The proposed method for estimating start-author of the project is based on the already well-known, but takes into account their significant drawbacks.

Keywords: startup project, evaluation startup, way to evaluate a startup project, performance indicators startup, methods for estimating startup

 Zvehintsova, O.D., Zolotarova, I.O. and Shcherbakov, O.V. (2015), “Intehrovana otsinka startap-proektiv” [Integrated assessment of startup projects], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(129), pp. 163-165.