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  4. 6(131)'2015
  5. Uncertainty evaluation of entropy of water radiation images

Uncertainty evaluation of entropy of water radiation images

N.V. Glukhova
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The results of uncertainty evaluation in the calculation of entropy values of gas-discharge radiation images of water samples are shown. Object of researches is experimental database of images of lake water samples glow. Images were obtained at external influence on the water droplets of pulsed high intensity electromagnetic field. With the purpose of parameterization of images of gas-discharge radiation of liquid phase object the calculation of values of entropies for image sampling of water from the same source was made. A statistical analysis of the results of calculation of entropy is made, distribution histograms of entropy values were obtained, uncertainty estimation by the type A is implemented.
Keywords: liquid-phase object, of gas-discharge radiation, measurement uncertainty
Hlukhova, N.V. (2015), "Otsinka nevyznachenosti entropii zobrazhen vyprominiuvannia vody" [Uncertainty evaluation of entropy of water radiation images], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(131), pp. 36-38.