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  4. 6(131)'2015
  5. Error, uncertainty or doubt in measurements?

Error, uncertainty or doubt in measurements?

V.P. Chalyy , O.V. Chala
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The comprehensive analysis of conceptual (denotative) and additional (connotative) values of basic terms: "error", "uncertainty" (neviznatchenist) and "nepevnist" was condacted. The analysis was carried out taking into account the specific characteristics of measurement according to the concept GUM. It is shown that the term "error" has lost its conceptual and connotative meaning and could not have fully reflect the essence in new notion of the new paradigm. The word "neviznatchenist " is not used in the sense of "dispersion" - denotative discrepancy and in addition it has a connotative mismatch. It is proposed to use the term "nepevnist" instead of the term «neviznatchenist» in concept GUM.
Keywords: measurement, metrology, concept GUM, epistemology, true value, notion, term