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  4. 7(132)'2015
  5. Optical access next generation converged solutions

Optical access next generation converged solutions

I.I. Slyusar, V.I. Slyusar, O.P. Ilchenko, V.P. Matko
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The paper deals with the realization of the concept of the next-generation optical access based on convergent solutions "over the radio optics." A model of a hybrid passive optical network using the WDM optical channels, each of which transmits a radio signal based on an orthogonal discrete frequency modulation (OFDM). During the analysis of options offered by hybrid passive optical network, identified disadvantages of using OFDM. In order to eliminate them and improve network capacity, using the method suggested nonorthogonal discrete frequency modulation (N-OFDM).
Keywords: Passive Optical Network, Optical Distribution Network, Optical Access, DWDM, NGOA, N-OFDM, ODN, OFDM, WDM
Sliusar, I.I., Sliusar, V.I., Ilchenko, O.P. and Matko, V.P. (2015), "Optychnyi dostup nastupnoho pokolinnia na osnovi konverhentnykh rishen" [Optical access next generation converged solutions], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(132), pp. 169-173.