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About the module-rating students' knowledge control

O.V. Kalynychenko, R.D. Kozel, V.A. Leschynskiy, I.A. Leschynskaya
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Description: The problems of automation module-rating control of students' knowledge in order to develop a software system to support decision-making. A method for the construction of an automated-module-rating system and implementation with the use of modern information technologies Institute. The principles of ranking and scoring In compliance with the requirements of discipline and teacher, which can be the basis of auto-exam- ined the information system module-rating control.

Keywords: module and rating control, knowledge evaluation, rating, technology

 Kalynychenko, O.V., Kozel, R.D., Leshchynskyi, V.A. and Leshchynskaia, Y.A. (2015), “O modulno-reitynhovom kontrole znanyi studentov” [About the module-rating students' knowledge control], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(132), pp. 213-216.