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  4. 8(133)'2015
  5. Researching of detection system of contact rail position

Researching of detection system of contact rail position

H.V. Vernidub, O.I. Balenko, A.O. Podorozhnyak
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Description: The article shows that the increasing productivity of the measurement position of the contact rail and processing of information is performed by upgrading measuring device and information processing system. A mathematical model of the device is created. The article analyzes causes that affect the measurement accuracy of the position contact rail proposed options for reducing measurement errors for the selected system and are the results of the developed software for measurement data processing.

Keywords: contact rail, measuring trolley, information and measuring system, mathematic model, microcontroller, user case diagram

 Vernydub, H.V., Balenko, O.I. and Podorozhniak, A.O. (2015), “Modernizatsiia systemy obrobky vymiriuvalnoi informatsii dlia metropolitenu” [Researching of detection system of contact rail position], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(133), pp. 12-16.