Regular Complex Event Processing Machines

V.V. Dorozhinsky
Системи обробки інформації. — 2015. — № 8(133). – С. 82-86.
УДК 004.042 + 519.713.2
Мова статті: англійська
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In the paper Complex Event Processing Systems are considered. Complex Event Processing denotes algorithmic methods for making sense of events by deriving higher-level knowledge, or complex events, from lowerlevel events in a timely fashion and permanently. The survey of problems and approaches to their solutions associated with this technology that was done by the author with co-authors in their earlier paper led to the development of the mathematical model of such systems. This model is called a CEP-machine. Some properties of CEPmachines related to regular languages are considered in the paper. It is shown that for some classes of complex events that can be represented as a regular language a CEP-machine can be transformed to the automaton that is able to recognize these events.
Ключові слова: pre-automaton, complex event, mathematical model, event processing, response function, computable function, regular set
Інформація про авторів публікації:
Dorozhinsky, V.V. (2015), Regular Complex Event Processing Machines, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(133), pp. 82-86.