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  4. 8(133)'2015
  5. Model operational reliability of software

Model operational reliability of software

V.P. Zverev, S.E. Hnatiuk
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Description: A model for evaluating the reliability of the software during the normal operation of program-controlled communications. This model differs from the known use of new analytical expressions quantify the values of the indicators of reliability, availability of source data, the actual assumptions and limitations on the use of full automation of operations in accordance with the implementation of the new algorithm, accurate assessment and prediction values of the indicators of reliability of software.

Keywords: software, computer system reliability, accuracy assessment

 Zvieriev, V.P. and Hnatiuk, S.Ye. (2015), “Model ekspluatatsiinoi nadiinosti prohramnykh zasobiv” [Model operational reliability of software], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(133), pp. 87-92.