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  4. 8(133)'2015
  5. Fuzzy information protection system in telemedicine

Fuzzy information protection system in telemedicine

L.O. Dubchak
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Description: This paper proposes the information protection system in telemedicine based on fuzzy logic, which can operate in real time. The solution proposed fuzzy system is a data encryption algorithm based on the current values of the input client access and risk of making attack during transferring information. This system of information protection due to quickly reconfigure telemedicine system, based on current data, which increases resistance of crypto cipher. The article also conducted modeling and study of the fuzzy system protection with help of MatLab Fuzzy Tool and Simulink.

Keywords: telemedicine, fuzzy logic, fuzzy system, MatLab Fuzzy Tool, Simulink

 Dubchak, L.O. (2015), “Nechitka systema zakhystu informatsii v telemedytsyni” [Fuzzy information protection system in telemedicine], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(133), pp. 97-101.