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  5. Tasks of situation management and their feature difficult objects

Tasks of situation management and their feature difficult objects

A. A. Kuandykov
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General problem of the situational managing of difficult objects de-composed into the next problems. Solving of the Controlling Problem is finding and forecasting of the problems in the object of managing. Solving of the Planning Problem is plan of the process of object managing. Formulization by the format is come down to the one of problems, such canonical problem of classical managing theory of Mayer, LaGrange and Boltz, but differs by content. Choosing of the formulization format depends on the solving of supersystem of production system. Solving scheme of these problems exemplared and presented by phases of determining of purposeful situation, which is correspond to the mode of the functioning of the managing object; choosing of the locus of purposeful situation achievement. Solving of the decision making problem is plan of the managing solution, which provide accomplishment of the process managing plan. Problem of direct managing of the object: transferring of managing object from the current state into chosen state by the accomplishment of accepted plan of object managing. These problems strictly formulated and opened features of their structure and components.
Keywords: problems situation management, difficult object
Kuandыkov, A.A. (2008), "Zadachy sytuatsyonnoho upravlenyia slozhnыmy obъektamy y ykh osobennosty" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(69), pp. 6-11.