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  4. 2(69)'2008
  5. Integrated automated control system space vehicle

Integrated automated control system space vehicle

A.М. Zagorulko
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Description: In the article the comparative analysis of methodical approaches is resulted to the construction of the automated control of spacecraft, the variants of construction of the integrated automated control systems are offered spacecraft for the terms of single-point technology of management, by which the different aspects of their functioning and connection are reflected between them. Methodological approaches offered in the article to development and construction of the integrated control of spacecraft can be used for development and modernization of the automated control systems spacecraft in the domestic control systems.

Keywords: space vehicle, integrated automated control system

 Zahorulko, A.N. (2008), “Yntehryrovannaia avtomatyzyrovannaia systema upravlenyia KA”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(69), pp. 48-51.