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  4. 2(69)'2008
  5. Address method of determination of state belonging

Address method of determination of state belonging

I.V. Koval
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Possibility of the use of address query method of identification of air aims is examined in the article. Such method is actual on the stage of accompaniment of aims, when information is needed about a concrete object. As an address query signal it is suggested to use the relative coordinates of air object, which distance to the radio beacon and azimuthal sending can be to the radio beacon. An airplane defendant makes comparison of information about the current positions with accepted and in the case of their coincidence radiates a return signal.
Keywords: radio beacon, relative coordinates of, query parcel, decoding, return signals
Koval, Y.V. (2008), "Adresnыi sposob opredelenyia hosudarstvennoi prynadlezhnosty" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(69), pp. 65-67.