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  4. 2(69)'2008
  5. A method of initiation of detonation is in unlimited space

A method of initiation of detonation is in unlimited space

O.V Stahovskiy, K.V. Korytchenko, M.L. Ugryumov, Yu.A. Skob
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New technical solution, allowing to carry out initiation of detonation in an unlimited volume, is offered. The method of induction acceleration, applied in this case for the acceleration of gas stream after front of shock wave, is fixed in basis of decision. Influence of dynamics of acceleration of gas stream on the parameters of thermodynamicses of gas after front of wave is explored by the mathematical design of output of shock wave from a pipe in the conditions of the forced change speed of output of stream. The mathematical model allows to expose the necessary mode of acceleration of stream depending on the diameter of detonation pipe and properties of detonations of environment.
Keywords: initiation of detonation, unlimited volume
Stakhovskyi, O.V., Korыtchenko, K.V., Uhriumov, M.L. and Skob, Yu.A. (2008), "Sposob ynytsyyrovanyia detonatsyy v neohranychennom prostranstve" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(69), pp. 105-107.