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  4. 2(69)'2008
  5. Executable specifications are in planning of databases

Executable specifications are in planning of databases

Tarek Yusef Badi Bishtavi, G.N. Zholtkevich, Yu.V. Solyanik
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Raising of task of realization of approach is offered to planning of components of software, known as and priori reasoning in application to the bases of information. The basic idea of this approach consists in the obvious use of specification as instruction to assembling of component. Problems, arising up in practice, advantages of possible realization of idea, approaches to the synthesis (generations) of project decision, are considered. Tasks are transferred for further work.
Keywords: planning of software, executable specifications, verification, databases, code generation, technologies of components, languages of queries
Tarek Yusef Bady Byshtavy, Zholtkevych, H.N. and Solianyk, Yu.V. (2008), "Vыpolnymыe spetsyfykatsyy v proektyrovanyy baz dannыkh" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(69), pp. 108-111.