Physics of geopathogenic zones

V.L. Sizonenko, N.I. Kovalenko
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The theory of distribution of hertzian waves is developed in space of four measurings. It is proved that pour descriptions and particles must not depend on the fourth co-ordinate of space, although motion along her possibly. The necessity of revision of equalizations of modern electrodynamics is grounded, because the theory offered by us is so realistic, as well as an analytical theory is in space of three measurings. Localization of fourth constituent of the electric field (vibrations) is discovered in the areas of break a secret of the earth's crust, resulting in geopatogenec effects.
Keywords: earth’s crust, electromagnetic field, theory, space and its measures, geopatogenec effect
Syzonenko, V.L. and Kovalenko, N.Y. (2008), "Fyzyka heopatohennыkh zon" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(69), pp. 139-143.