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  4. 2(69)'2008
  5. Optimal strategies of educational material repetition

Optimal strategies of educational material repetition

V.V. Bylimov, S.V. Zalkin, A.А. Popelenko
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Description: Mark’s model of the optimal strategies synthesis of educational materiel to its learning for activation of mental and practical activity for students is proposed in this article. Repetition and renewal of knowledge happen in the calendar moments of time. The moments of termination of the planed repetitions or are regeneration process points. Probabilities of existence of that, who is studying, are found in each state. The best strategy in class stationary marks’ is found for unlimited interval. Next repetition and renewal of knowledge are planning in determined time and forever constant (calendar) interval T.

Keywords: teaching material, recollection knowledge, strategy, periodicity, function, regeneration

 Bielimov, V.V., Zalkin, S.V. and Popelenko, A.A. (2008), “Optymalni stratehii povtorennia navchalnoho materialu”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(69), pp. 159-161.