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  5. Basic tendencies of creation of electromagnetic weapons

Basic tendencies of creation of electromagnetic weapons

A.N. Chernysh, G.V. Pevtsov, V.A. Lupandin, E.A. Avchinnikov
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The analysed basic tendencies creation of the leading countries world of electromagnetic weapons which works in radio and optical ranges lengths of waves – radio frequency and laser electromagnetic weapons. It is rotined that an electromagnetic weapons targets at the decision of tasks of strategic,opereation-tactical and tactical levels, and also for the tasks of the special operations. Generalization of directions creation of electromagnetic weapons is conducted on signs: principles of the use, kind and method of generation of electromagnetic radiation, transmitters of electromagnetic weapons and types of basing, objects of influence.
Keywords: electromagnetic weapons, functional defeat, functional suppression, laser electromagnetic weapons, radio frequency electromagnetic weapons
Chernysh, O.M., Pievtsov, H.V., Lupandin, V.A. and Avchinnikov, Ye.O. (2008), "Osnovni tendentsii stvorennia elektromahnitnoi zbroi" , Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 4(16), pp. 5-15.