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  5. Modelling of sliding encryption primitives based on recurring sequences

Modelling of sliding encryption primitives based on recurring sequences

V.G. Babenko, O.G. Melnyk, O.B. Nesterenko
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In this article we synthesized mathematical model of multiple transformation matrix operations based on the sliding encryption primitive. Based on the use of the obtained recurrent dependencies describing models of multiple execution of sliding encryption primitive built a generalized recurrent model of implementation of multiple primitive sliding encryption for transforming n elements. Using synthesized on the basis of mathematical models of recurrent dependencies four-, five- and sixelement forward right-primitive sliding encryption produced a generalized expression of recurrent sequence to describe of the multiple perform of sliding encryption primitive for a given number of elements. This paper proposes an approach relatively the mathematical description based on recurring sequences model transformation operations based on the multiple use of sliding encryption primitive with a limited number of elements.
Keywords: recurrent sequence, a generalized recurrent model, a cryptographic transformation, the system of equations, mathematical model, multiple sliding encryption, sliding encryption primitive