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  4. 10(135)'2015
  5. Problems of data encryption for cloud computing

Problems of data encryption for cloud computing

T.G. Belova, V.O. Yaruta
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The analysis of the main threats to the information in the cloud is carried out. Approaches to the organization of security, depending on the service model, are defined. The problems and prospects of encrypting data in the clouds are considered, the basic principles of encryption of information in combination with other methods of protection are formulated.
Keywords: cloud computing, service model, data security, data encryption
Bilova, T.H. and Yaruta, V.O. (2015), "Problemy shyfruvannia danykh v khmarnykh obchyslenniakh" [Problems of data encryption for cloud computing], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 10(135), pp. 79-81.