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  4. 10(135)'2015
  5. Quantum random number generators in cryptography

Quantum random number generators in cryptography

T.A. Grinenko, A.P. Narezshhy
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An analysis of known random number generation methods, their advantages and disadvantages are noticed. An application of generators is proposed that is based on quantum processes for random number generation that allows strength improvement of cryptographic systems. The problem of random number generation testing is considered.
Keywords: random number generator, deterministic random number generator, quantum random number generator, testing, cryptographic protocol
Hrinenko, T.O. and Nariezhnii, O.P. (2015), "Kvantovi heneratory vypadkovykh chysel v kryptohrafii" [Quantum random number generators in cryptography], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 10(135), pp. 86-89.