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Risk disclaimer of wide after modernization

M.I. Adamenko, V.V. Berezutskiy, N.G. Kucuk, O.Yu. Palant
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Description: The article deals with the assessment of system-wide risk system failure after its modernization. Problem supplemented example, which confirms the need to consider all significant factors line. To calculate the estimates proposed two-stage method, which allows using multivariate analysis to identify significant risk factors and their weights. Direct-wide risk score is calculated using a risk-based system approach.

Keywords: system-wide risk, multivariate analysis, risk assessment

Adamenko, M.I., Berezutskyi, V.V., Kuchuk, N.H. and Palant, O.Yu. (2015), “Zahalnosystemnyi ryzyk vidmovy systemy pislia modernizatsii” [Risk disclaimer of system wide after modernization], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 10(135), pp. 159-162.