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  5. Shot parameters of gas detonation throwing system

Shot parameters of gas detonation throwing system

К.V. Koritchenko, O.V. Sakun, Yu.V. Khil'ko, I.V. Cebryuk, I.O. Belousov
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Grounded difference of the combustible gas systems of throwing on deflagration and detonation combustion. Dependence of initial velocity of shell is certain in the gas detonation system of throwing from initial pressure of products of detonation, degree of their expansion, geometrical sizes of chamber and specific mass of shell.
Keywords: artillery ammunition, gas detonation throwing system
Korytchenko, K.V., Sakun, O.V., Khilko, Yu.V., Tsebriuk, I.V. and Belousov, I.O. (2015), "Parametry postrilu hazodetonatsiinoi systemy metannia" [Parameters shot throwing gas detonation system], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 10(135), pp. 215-218.