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Information - analytical technology research artificial bodies

V.M. Trysnyuk, V.I. Mokriy, T.V. Trysnyuk
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A modeling study of heavy metals ecosystem Ternopil Pond. Research artificially created ponds on the example of Ternopil pond depth measurements made and the topography. In the given article characteristic concentrations of heavy metals in different periods of the year and found that vegetation is the best battery lead. Indexes assessment of natural and man-made hydro dependent on the configuration of organic compounds and extent of disturbance basin landscapes.
Keywords: information-analytical technologies, mon orynhovi study, heavy metals, lead
Trysniuk, V.M., Mokryi, V.I. and Trysniuk, T.V. (2015), "Informatsiino-analitychni tekhnolohii doslidzhennia shtuchno stvorenykh vodoim" [Information-analytical technology research artificial bodies], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 10(135), pp. 245-247.