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  4. 11(136)'2015
  5. Research the methods of the construction parsers

Research the methods of the construction parsers

S.Yu. Gavrilenko, T.M. Prokhorova, V.V. Davydov
Annotations languages:

Basic functions of translator's parsers are discussed. The types of context-free languages parsers are reviewed. Automatic store operation, which parse were analyzed. The operation of the downward resolver based on precedence grammar operator are investigated. A software model of the ascending and the descending parsers developed. Their work tested on examples of various input strings. A comparative analysis of the performance of ascending and descending parsers made.
Keywords: compiler, parser, formal languages and grammar, pushdown automaton
Havrylenko, S.Yu., Prokhorova, T.M. and Davydov, V.V. (2015), "Doslidzhennia metodiv pobudovy syntaksychnykh analizatoriv" [Research the methods of the construction parsers], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 11(136), pp. 125-127.