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  4. 12(137)'2015
  5. Method development of cartographical models of park zones

Method development of cartographical models of park zones

S.M. Andreev, G.V. Dmiterko, V.A. Zhilіn, S.I. Ovcharenko
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Description: In hired methodology of development of cartographic models of parklands is offered. Results over of practical application of the examined methodology are brought, namely is a cartographic model of the Central park of culture and rest the name of М. Gorki in city Kharkiv. A model includes seven types of thematic maps, and also connected to the electronic variants of these maps the renewed informative database, intended for the acquaintance of visitors with descriptions of attractions and other options given by the park of rest. The offered methodology can be used in the process of educating of specialists in area of GIS technology to the construction of thematic cartographic models of locality and technogenic spatial objects.

Keywords: vectorization of space pictures, cartographic model, thematic map

 Andreev, S.M., Dmyterko, H.V., Zhylyn, V.A. and Ovcharenko, S.Y. (2015), “Metodyka razrabotky kartohrafycheskykh modelei parkovыkh zon” [Method development of cartographical models of park zones], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 12(137), pp. 6-14.