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  4. 12(137)'2015
  5. Information model for monitoring of airspace

Information model for monitoring of airspace

G.E. Zavolodko, A.I. Obod, V.A. Andrysevich
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Description: The article, based on the classification of surveillance and collection of basic requirements for monitoring, information model is the observation of the airspace. The requirements for the transfer of surveillance data, additional functions in the exchange of observational data and the requirements to network monitoring data.

Keywords: surveillance systems, information model of surveillance of airspace

 Zavolodko, H.E., Obod, A.I. and Andrusevych, V.A. (2015), “Informatsiina model sposterezhennia povitrianoho prostoru” [Information model for monitoring of airspace], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 12(137), pp. 23-26.