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  4. 12(137)'2015
  5. Certain factors affecting the efficiency of electric vehicles

Certain factors affecting the efficiency of electric vehicles

A.N. Petrenko, B.G. Liubarskyi
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Description: In a scientific paper, two main groups of factors that affect the efficiency of the traction drive: electro-mechanical - associated with the movement in the area of its path and heat - related to the allocation of losses in the traction motors during its operation, which adds restrictions to the work of the traction point. It is noted that for the rolling stock with the intermediate circuit DC voltage, voltage stabilizing at this level of traction drive, the impact of the contact network on the efficiency of electric rolling stock can be neglected. Viewed in the article approach allows to determine the temperature rise of traction motor as a homogeneous body.

Keywords: criterion of efficiency of electric rolling stock, energy consumption, average speed, the heat capacity of the traction motor, the heat transfer coefficient of the traction motor

 Petrenko, O.M. and Liubarskyi, B.H. (2015), “Vyznachennia chynnykiv, shcho vplyvaiut na efektyvnist elektrychnoho transportnoho zasobu” [Certain factors affecting the efficiency of electric vehicles], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 12(137), pp. 37-42.