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  4. 12(137)'2015
  5. Software module design placement of aeroionization systems

Software module design placement of aeroionization systems

O.V. Strokan, Yu. O. Litvin
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Description: The article describes the module design aeroionization systems in industrial premises, which allows you to design the placement of aeroionizator to optimize aeroion mode in the premises. In particular, the article proposes to solve the problem of designing the placement aeroionization systems in the workplace by developing appropriate software. The proposed software allows in automatic mode to determine the location of aeroionizator in the industrial premises, to get a picture of the concentration distribution of negative ions in a given area depending on the emissivity of the used.

Keywords: algorithm design, software tool, negative air ions, isoline concentrations of ions, aeroionizator

 Strokan, O.V. and Lytvyn, Yu.O. (2015), “Prohramnyi modul proektuvannia rozmishchennia aeroionizatsiinykh system” [Software module design placement of aeroionization systems], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 12(137), pp. 62-65.