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  4. 12(137)'2015
  5. Building metrics predicate axiomatical model for case-based reasoning

Building metrics predicate axiomatical model for case-based reasoning

L.V. Shabanova-Kushnarenko
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Description: The method of obtaining a solution based on case law, in contrast to the inference based on the search and analysis of cases of solving problems such as a given. Generalization precedent entails significant computational complexity at the stage of selection of the nearest precedent, since the search for the knowledge base being not fully separate case descriptions and factored classes of structural parts of many such cases. Sub-task comparison precedents usually solved by means of measures (metrics) similarity – functions, calculate the quantitative similarity of precedent knowledge and new challenges.

Keywords: dynamic process, CBR, Petri nets, temporal attribute logic Allen predicate model comparator identification

 Shabanova-Kushnarenko, L.V. (2015), “Postroenye predykatnoi aksyomatycheskoi modely metryky na prostranstve pretsedentov” [Building metrics predicate axiomatical model for Case-Based Reasoning], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 12(137), pp. 93-96.