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  4. 12(137)'2015
  5. The capacity astimation of radio access networks

The capacity astimation of radio access networks

I.I. Obod, I.V. Svyd, O.S. Maltsev
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Description: The paper assesses the impact of the telecommunications networks components parameters based on radio access systems to bandwidth by using different multiple access technologies. It is shown that the effectiveness of information systems and networks using the technology space access significantly increased in comparison with the technology of the frequency distribution by simultaneously serve multiple users.

Keywords: network bandwidth, space access technology

 Obod, I.I., Svyd, I.V. and Maltsev, O.S. (2015), “Otsinka propusknoi spromozhnosti merezh radiodostupu” [The capacity estimation of radio access networks], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 12(137), pp. 145-147.