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  4. 2(18)'2002
  5. Thermal field identification of the calcic furnace

Thermal field identification of the calcic furnace

A.K. Gnap, M.I. Kovalenko
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Description: In the article worked out information-measuring system of the thermal field of the calcic furnace. The system allows to control high-temperature working area of shaft furnace and provides with date-lines for its optimal regulation. System uses optical-electronic methods of the noncontact temperature measuring. For the thermal field identification have used a couple of informational score-boards on the basis of light-emitting diode matrixes.

 Hnap, A.K. and Kovalenko, N.Y. (2002), “Ydentyfykatsyia temperaturnoho polia yzvestkovoi pechy”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(18), pp. 143-151.