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Automation of engineer navigation computations

A.P. Kornienko
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Description: One of the main stages of the aircraft flight preparation is a meeting of the engineer navigation computations. The goal of these computations is the full using support of the flight technical capability of aviation engineering during performing the flight mission. Automated stations creation on a base of the personal computers permits to increase the accuracy and reliability of meeting computations during the aircraft flight preparation. It means that flight quality will increase, and time for taking a decision will decrease during engineer computations. The automation of the engineer navigation missions decision permits to receive the essential fuel saving, and to increase the flight safety level.

Keywords: engineer navigation computation, automation of the station

 Korniienko, A.P. (2009), “Avtomatyzatsiia inzhenerno-shturmanskykh rozrakhunkiv”, Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 3(19), pp. 25-27.