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  4. 5(21)'2002
  5. Modelling of Fire Influence on Surroundings

Modelling of Fire Influence on Surroundings

I.A. Choob, E.V. Morshch, V.E. Pustovarov
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Description: The ecologically dangerous factors of the fire are separated and analyzed. These factors determine the character and the space of the negative action of fire on the surroundings; the peculiarities of the fire as the source of the pollution of the surroundings; the way of building the mathematical model of the influence of fire on the surroundings are explored.

 Chub, Y.A., Morshch, E.V. and Pustovarov, V.E. (2002), “Modelyrovanye vlyianyia pozhara na okruzhaiushchuiu sredu”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(21), pp. 174-176.