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  4. 6(22)'2002
  5. Dispersion weights in the gas environment

Dispersion weights in the gas environment

A.N. Panchenko, A.B. Kulchitsky, A.S. Rogozin
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Description: In given article the mechanism of influence of the explosive phenomena on the weight of substance in regular intervals allocated around of a charge is considered, high-speed characteristic of substance after dispersion are defined, the physical processes proceeding between changed microparticles are considered, the design procedure of size of a charge of particles is offered during autoelectronic issue.

 Panchenko, A.N., Kulchytskyi, A.B. and Rohozyn, A.S. (2002), “Raspыlenye melko dyspersyonnыkh mass v hazovoi srede”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(22), pp. 67-75.