Matings multispectral of the maps

А.I. Strelkov, А.А. Kopilov, S.А. Sinchikov
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Description: In the article the idealized and practical problems of improvement of the quality of dimensional mating multispectral of the maps in systems of map of the video information are considered. It is offered by the basic parameter dimensional correlation multispectral of the maps to consider a matrix of radiuses of a correlation multispectral of the maps. Possibility of using of this matrix for forming error signals in a system of automatic mating multispectral of the maps (on an example of a designed quality monitoring system flexographic of the seal) is verified experimentally.

 Strelkov, A.Y., Kopыlov, A.A. and Sыnchykov, S.A. (2003), “Sovmeshchenye spektrozonalnыkh yzobrazhenyi”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(25), pp. 3-10.