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  4. 5(27)'2003
  5. Imitating model of shine of space objects

Imitating model of shine of space objects

А.М. Reznichenko, V.А. Jamnizkiy, I.I. Mishura
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Description: Mathematical and program aspects of imitating model of shine of space objects are considered. Approaches to creation of optical-geometrical forms of space objects, the task of reflective characteristics of elements of a surface of space objects are described. The problem of modelling of rotation of space object around of the center of weights in a combination to modelling real sessions of supervision is solved. Examples of modelling curves of shine are submitted

 Reznychenko, A.M., Yamnytskyi, V.A. and Myshura, Y.Y. (2003), “Ymytatsyonnaia model bleska kosmycheskykh obъektov”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(27), pp. 44-51.

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