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  3. Information Processing Systems
  4. 5(27)'2003
  5. Speed semi-conductor fractal windfeld elements

Speed semi-conductor fractal windfeld elements

P.F. Budanov, Ju.G. Danik, S.Е. Kalinoy
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Description: Change of conductivity semi-conductor windfeld element (WE) is considered as result of growth адсорбционного gas fractal klaster on his surface. Speed WE is appreciated as time of achievement claster percolating a threshold. Cases of growth адсорбционного a fractal on a smooth surface, and also growth adsorbtive a fractal on fractal surfaces are considered. It is shown, that time of growth essentially depends both from fractal dimensions adsorbtive claster, and from fractal dimensions initial WE.

 Budanov, P.F., Danyk, Yu.H. and Kalnoi, S.E. (2003), “Bыstrodeistvye poluprovodnykovыkh fraktalnыkh hazochuvstvytelnыkh эlementov”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(27), pp. 56-60.