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  4. 5(27)'2003
  5. Estimation of costal characteristics M-графов

Estimation of costal characteristics M-графов

V.G. Kuchmiev, N.V. Dotsenko, I.V. Chumachenko
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Description: The method of reception of an exact estimation of costal characteristics (the minimal and maximal number of edges) for графов which are effective way of the description and the analysis of algorithmic structures, diagnostic procedures is offered. Efficiency of application of the offered method grows with increase in number of tops the column.

 Kuchmyev, V.H., Dotsenko, N.V. and Chumachenko, Y.V. (2003), “Otsenka rebernыkh kharakterystyk M-hrafov”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(27), pp. 219-223.