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Areas of increasing efficiency ammunition precision

S.M. Bogutsky
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Modern military operations require troops to act quickly and promptly, precisely, flexible and maneuverable. The experience of leading countries on the use of precision weapons, which is able to meet current requirements and allow troops to solve the problem. The use of precision munitions today can significantly increase the effectiveness of fire damage, cause significant losses to the enemy, while leaving intact civilian targets and civilians. The task of improving the efficiency of the use of precision munitions by definition and calculation system error is urgent and critical. The article analyzes the errors and system recommendations for their consideration when performing tasks ammunition firing precision.
Keywords: ammunition precision, systematic error of the shot, the dynamic error of the shot
Bohutskyi, S.M. (2015), "Napriamky pidvyshchennia efektyvnosti zastosuvannia boieprypasiv vysokoi tochnosti" [Areas of increasing efficiency ammunition precision], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 3(43), pp. 22-26.