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  5. Multiple multioperational sliding encryption

Multiple multioperational sliding encryption

V.G. Babenko, O.G. Melnyk, R.P. Melnyk
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In this article were synthesized models of eight element direct right-primitives sliding encryption of multiple application. On the basis of these models recurrent dependencies obtained by a generalized expression of a recurrent sequence of multiple cryptoprimitive sliding encryption with variable rounder operation, as well as a generalized model of recursive sequence of multiple cryptoprimitive sliding encryption with variable operations in the round. This paper proposes a method of synthesizing models multioperation primitives multiple sliding encryption based on recurring sequences, the application of which will improve the practical and theoretical cryptographic resistance primitives sliding encryption.
Keywords: recurrent sequence, direct right-primitive sliding encryption, multiple sliding encryption, synthesis, matrix models, round, generalized model, multioperation
Babenko, V.H., Melnyk, O.H. and Melnyk, R.P. (2015), "Multyoperatsiine bahatorazove kovzne shyfruvannia" [Multiple multioperational sliding encryption], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 3(43), pp. 70-72.